Hi everyone,

So, it is my turn again to tell you all about what me and the other IBT’s have been up to.

Since we moved to Aarhus, we have all been saying that we need to visit the capital, Copenhagen, and this month we finally did it! So, 18 of us got the bus down after work on Friday and spent the weekend visiting. We had no idea it was the Pride closing festival in Copenhagen that weekend, so we were pleasantly surprised when we came across a pride festival party after getting dinner when we arrived…

Pride Fest with Angelica (left) and Romane (right)

On Saturday…

Hej everyone!

Celebrating Midsummer with the IBT’s

My name is Abigail and I am 22 years old, coming from the beautiful… Manchester, UK. Therefore, you can say the move to Denmark has been a slight improvement. I studied my bachelor’s degree in International Business in Liverpool (much to my Dad’s dismay who is a very strong Man United fan). And I have also spent a lot of time living and working in Sweden, close to the city Örebro. …

Abigail Peel

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